Point of Sale info

Point of Sale for Leopold. Leopold is a German Kitchen appliance company which was in need of a Point of Sale for their new barbecue.

In our fourth term we designed a POS for Leopold, a company which sells kitchen equipment and similar products mainly made of stainless. The POS is mainly for presenting their new barbecue, but also had to be modular to support other household and kitchen products. There where two designs developed, one for the big mall and one for local dealers. The POS had to be inexpensive, placed on two euro palettes and modular.

The POS for small space stores is based on a marketing solution in addition to the general Sweden fire look. The customer takes a log out of the POS, which acts as a token for the cashier.  On the log is information for the barbecue. After having paid, the barbecue can be fetched from the storage or shipped to the customer.

Copyright: Jan Weigand & Johanna Lokotzke