Lys Info

Mit LYS können Sie Ihr Lack Regal auf zwei Weisen verbessern. Sie haben nicht nur eine stabile Buchstütze, sondern auch eine indirekte Beleuchtung für ihr Zimmer. Einfach mit der Aufhängung des Lack Regals an der Wand zu befestigen.

With LYS you gain two things. You will not only have a bookend, but also an indirect lightning. Easily assembled with concealed mounting fittings from the wall shelf itself.


The Lamp is the result from one of our student projects. in this case we had to think of products which only work in a symbiotic harmony with existing products. IKEA has a lot of Products which can be easily modified and are accessible to a large user base. Hence some ideas need fiddling with existing products it made no sense to wake up with a cold shoulder so the inexpensive IKEA Lack shelf was a perfect match.

Copyright: Jan Weigand, Hanna Litwin – Lack Rack Copyright IKEA