Lift off

Ready to lift off.

mind your head

mind your head


The task was to think of alternative solutions to start and land for civil airplanes. Despite the technological innovation the Aircraft Industry is inflexible in an unhealthy way. Civil planes look, fly and land in the same way since the first steps. Bauhaus Luftfahrt asked us to think about alternative solutions for starting and landing and to free our minds of the way it used to be to generate new inputs for them.

infra_oben_1920 seite_landung_1920


The plane was modeled in Solidworks with C² Curvature for the freeform Surfaces. Johannes is a master in Solidworks … he can model – i would say anything. The base measurements were always accessible and we even changed something nearly at the end and the plane was regenerated correct without a hick up. But more than 800 Freeform feature slowed the regeneration down. Lets say we really tested that piece of software.

Everything else was modeled in Cinema 4D R10 to keep it lowpoly for the movie. The Plane has a Polycount of 120.000. We really wished for a good export but we had to work with the Pro/E export since we had no access to an Cinema Engineering Edition nor Polytrans. Nevertheless Pro/E Makes overall clean exports even though a little bit heavy for animation. Since cinema handeled the plane alright we sticked with it and focused on the Airport and surroundings. All textures were painted or composed in Photoshop and Illustrator.


As we started the project we had a lot of books from concept artist like “Scott Robertson, Daniel Simon, and Design Studio Press” and we agreed to take the plain white renderings we normally do in Design school to a more faked realistic look with lots of decals and details. Fooling the audience in a funny positive way. It worked out, and everybody understood our test flight with this detailism, even our Professor. 😉

Real Model 1:65 & 1:300




So why this complex movie? Because we apparently can. The Deadline was tight and with last mayor changes made on the aircraft one month before that deadline the possibility of a nice movie shrinked to “impossible”. But we were stubborn enough to try it anyway. We made a little storyboard even a preeshot was made and all in overall one month for an 5 Minute movie.

As we started we thought it would be and two minutes movie tops, but we were wrong and the preeshot was a good thing to do. Our first animations were to quick for someone who doesn’t know the concept, so everything was stretched and tweaked, and tweaked, and tweaked.



In cooperation with HS-Coburg & Bauhaus Luftfahrt
Copyright: Jan Weigand & Johannes Buch