Eco Info

Eco is a power and house appliance management and monitoring system. It uses already available electronics to track and monitor Power usage off all power outlets, lights and build in appliances. This Idea was selected and bought by Berker as a student award winner in 2006.

Personas where used to acquire a target group which falls into the Berker product range. In this case the personas where:

“European, wealthy, educated, and building their first but probably their second house. They know the difficulties of building a house and want to do it right this time. Environmentally awareness hence they have kids and the extra money to spend is key to connect to this product.”

Image representation of the selected personas.

Image representation of the selected personas.

Today this idea is quite common, an there are several companies doing it in different ways. In Europe sadly these systems are proprietary and build into the house and cost a lot. In USA there is nowadays the beautifully NEST system which hooks to the standard system in USA houses.