Carpetsweeper Info


This time the exercise task was focused on mechanical solutions of an everyday household product. The task was to design a carpetsweaper without electric motors.

We decided to make a small compact design which has a light and easy feeling opposing the clunky old ones. We thought a one sided support would make a nice addition to this. This one sided support despite the overall concerns gave us a challenge since we had several moving parts to fix or to keep “rolling” in the gearbox. After a laborious phase we managed to stick to our design guide and managed to get everything working on paper (and animation not yet seen here).

The carpet sweeper was a task which included serious mechanic details and ergonomic features in my third term. The design is based on a small and easy to use tool to clean up dirt and dust. Since the efficiency of a carpet sweeper results mainly from the rotation speed, a planet gear drive is placed inside the main wheel. The design represents a technical style .

We did build a volume mock-up from foam and painted it to distinguish the parts.

On the bottom you can see a small selection of our design sketches to solve several mechanical problems. Since we already knew quit early how the carpetsweaper should look the main design process was made on the fly while building the complex CAD files.

Copyright: Jan Weigand & Romin Heide