Breadbin Info

Construction and manufacturing exercise 2005


It should fit a target group and we thought trough four different materials. The bread bin opening was turned upside down to present the bread in an easy position to take it. This nifty bread crumb barrel became the axel for the bread bin. Often Bread bins are placed near the wall, so that opening the bread bin is a tricky thing. That’s why this one has a chamfer in the back.

Mock-Up armada

We made a lot off precise scaled paper mock-ups to have a feeling for the volume and also to prove some sliding techniques. The paper models where build from high class “Schöllerhammer” Paper which is very strong and nice in its finish. The big one is a 1:1 model to feel the actual volume of the chosen sliding technique. Click on the thumbnails with a Quicktime Icon to see the paper models in action.

Design model

Christoph is a former model maker so we where asked to make a working 1:1 Design model to push our Limits. Christoph guided me and Mathias through our first steps in model making at this time.

Cut trough ghost renderings

I started early with rendering in my studies. These are two of the explanatory renderings I made for the final booklet.

Copyright: Jan Weigand, Christoph Möller & Matthias Kordwig