3D Renderings Info

Kinematic Tetraeder


I dusted off an old file back from 2005 when Jürgen Meier helped me with the mathematics of this weird moving object. Keep in mind that the movement is not a simple turnaround of the parts, they move in a special manner controlled by this formula.

This animation is looping so be aware to kill some time. Anyway you can get the original old file on Jürgen Meier’s website (Videos / Polyeder animationen / 3.2. 6 Tetraeder)

(-0.5*Cos(a) + (0.866*(0.577 + 1.73*Sin(a)^2))/Sqrt(1.0 + 3.0*Sin(a)^2) 0
-0.5*Sin(a) – (0.75*Cos(a)*Sin(a))/Sqrt(1.0 + 3.0*Sin(a)^2)

A non turning Tetraeder animation to grasp the mathematical movement.

Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 1900

Modelled and rendered in Cinema 4D R11 build time 4 days. Radio controls xpresso controlled including texture replacement and switch movement.


 Bike Helmet


 Cube Stereo Animation

Modelled and rendered in Cinema 4D R11 build time 2 days. The bike is as low poly as possible and still maintaining a “detailed” model style. A lot of 2D shapes where used. the hole bike has 23.000 Polys and renders with GI at 1920×1200 in 5 Minutes. Its purpose is to be placed in a rendering for a shop as a “dummy” several dozen times.

The kinematics are rigged with IK and 2 Bones the rest is controlled by Xpresso, the suspension movement is automatic by noise input.